T R A V E L || Paris ‘July 2017’ || OUTFITS & SIGHTSEEING

T R A V E L || Paris ‘July 2017’ || OUTFITS & SIGHTSEEING

G O O D M O R N I N G !

It’s Friday, that means almost the weekend. For today I wanted to share my outfits that I wore in Paris this week.
It was just a little citytrip, just to see Paris again. Let’s just be honest, Paris is always a good idea!

For these shots I visited ” Rue de la Monttessuy “, I wanted to get that shot with La tour Eiffel, but that was not as easy as you think. It’s a 3 minute walk from La tour Eiffel, so it was a nice challenge and as you can see I kind of managed to figure out how to get this shot. Don’t forget, it took a lot of patience.

Close to Palais Royal and the Louvre there is a huge shopping street, ” Rue de la Rivoli “, where you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.
To be honest I was looking for 2 pieces at Tommy Hilfiger, but the exclusive collection was sold out .. Luckily Tommy Hilfiger has always got the perfect items, so I couldn’t stop myself.
I bought this red jeans, with a casual white jumper and new black sunglasses. The service was amazing and the quality is great.

Last year in November I wanted to visit ” Kitsuné “, which is a coffee hotspot at Colonnes des Buren, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it. This year I did some research and I’ve found it. I took a soy latte with a chocolate cookie.

The last day it was cloudy and raining, so the pictures aren’t that sparkling, but I really think I’ve had the best lunch ever. It was a place called ‘Boy’, it’s situated close to Boulevard de Glichy. This is the vegan plate, with avocado, veggie pancakes, hummus and a tomato soup. And the juice; apple, pear, veffel and ginger. It was so delicious, so if you’re around and you a vegan lunch, take a look there.



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