L I F E S T Y L E || What my perfect Saturday would look like

L I F E S T Y L E || What my perfect Saturday would look like

It’s Saturday morning, for some of us a busy day and for some of us a relaxing day.
For today I want to share my perfect relaxed Saturday morning ritual.

To start the day I love to wake up early, I don’t always wake up as early as I would like, but I’m not someone who sleeps till 10 o’clock. My basic ritual for every morning is to wash my face, put on some primer, bodylotion and take care of my hair.

After this I always make breakfast, mostly some yoghurt with fruits, a rice waffle, a cup of tea or a juice and afterwards a cup of coffee.
My perfect/dream Saturday morning routine would then continue with a yoga or workout routine, even if it’s just for 15 minutes.

Empty your mind, write all the negativity down, turn them in positivity if that’s possible and if not fill your head and notebook with positive thoughts, dreams, happy memories.
Make the Saturday ‘your’ day, fill it with everything that makes you happy.

Prepare yourself a healthy lunch, like slices of potato with parsley in the oven or a healthy salade with avocado, tomato and peach.
Go on a walk, take your music with you and just take the time you need for yourself. Walk as fast or slow as you want, as long as you want and feel free.

Take the evening off, have a bath, put on a mask, take care of yourself. Watch a serie on Netflix, read a good book, a book which will make you wiser.
And have a good night of sleep!


What’s your favourite moment about the Saturday? 


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