T R A V E L || Barcelona citytrip guide ‘August 2017’

T R A V E L || Barcelona citytrip guide ‘August 2017’


★  La Sagrada Familia, which is the huge cathedral designed by Gaudi. The inside is absolutely amazing, it’s really worth a visit. You can just stand there for hours and look at all the little details and you’ll never get bored.
They’re still building the cathedral and it will be finished in 2041.

★ Parc de la Ciutadella, this is the only place that disappointed me a little. I expected a huge parc, with a huge pond, but that’s not really true. A part of the parc had got the pond, but it’s more for children. I made some pictures though, but it was to be honest not worth a visit.

★ La Rambla, my hotel was in that shopping street, and I think it’s the best place to stay in a hotel. If you want to do some shopping you should definitely go to La Rambla. There are so many shops and so many little streets to visit.

★ Montjuïc, really a must visit. It’s high in the mountains and there’s a great view over the sea and the city.

★ Casa Batlló, this house is designed by Gaudi. And again you can just stand in front of the house and look at all the details. It’s fun to see the house and have a tour and hear all the information. So again really worth a visit.



The hotel I stayed in was International Ramblas Coolwhich is situated at La Rambla. It’s a very chique hotel, with amazing breakfast, clean rooms and a nice view from the balcony at La Rambla. The next time in Barcelona I would stay in this hotel again.


FLAX&KALE, this is a very fancy restaurant, where you can eat vegan (my vegan story and why I started eating vegan will be up soon). The moment you enter the restaurant there’s a huge cooling full with fresh juices.

BLACK REMEDY, this is a coffee bar, where you can order delicious pies, sandwiches and coffee. This will be my must visit the next time in Barcelona. You can find this place around La Rambla in the little streets.







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