I’ve heard a lot of people about the documentary on Netflix ‘What the health’. Before I wanted to watch it I tried to avoid the social media articles with opinions. Just so I could honestly make my own opinion.

To be fair, I was actually in shock after watching this documentary. I did expect it to have very harsh facts and footage, but still it really left me speechless.

I’m not going to tell the whole story of the documentary and spoil things about it. It’s really a documentary to watch yourself and make your own opinion.
After watching this it really made me think a lot, some things they said are really eye-openers.

It’s situated in America and it’s about the American companies, government and associations. The point is to show about people who suffer from diabetes, cancer or autoimmune disease. After two weeks of eating a plant based diet they all experienced improvements. So they stopped using medicines, had less pain and felt more energie.

We did not even talk about the meat industry and the consciences of eating animal products. There’s been done a lot of research and it’s such a filthy process. Let’s explain it very short.
For example the American Diabetes Association is involved in this documentary, when you suffer from diabetes it’s not good to eat meat, egg, drink milk or any animal products. The diabetes website recommends healthy food, like meat dishes with red meat and egg. So the things they are not allowed to are actually recommended.
So this is of course a strange thing and the film maker wants an interview with this association. Apparently this American Diabetes Association has got sponsors, like Mars, KFC, Subway, Domino’s and so much more of the things that are bad for you but are recommended.
So the association benefits from all the sponsors, even though it’s not good for the diabetes patients.

This is only a part of the documentary, but I really recommend you watching it yourself.

To make it clearer this does not only happen in America, but in the whole world. So that’s more why it really made me think about what we’re actually eating.

The last few month I’ve thought about becoming vegan, it’s not a decision that you make in a night, it took me a while to think about it. And this documentary was really the last thing I needed to see to make my opinion.
Eating vegan means eating plant based, so no milk, meat, eggs or any other animal based products.
I’ve been born with lactose intolerance, so I’ve never had milk in my life, always Soya based products. Meat has never been a nice thing for me, I don’t like the taste and the texture. So for me the only hard thing will be the eggs and cheese.

This documentary is really an eye-opener in so many ways. They way the animals are treated, the way products are made, the way companies trick you in eating healthy.

I really recommend you to watch this documentary and be aware of the food industry.



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