The trends for fall 2017

The trends for fall 2017

Hello everyone!
How are you all doing? It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a blogpost, so I thought it would be time for a fall trends inspired one. I will be working on more blogposts again.
This one might be a little bit focus on Negin Mirsalehi. Just because I’ve watched her daily blogs during fashion week.
I really recommend those videos if you love fashion, Negin and you love to see more about how fashion week works.

This yellow colour is really a big thing this fall, for dresses, knitwear, scarfs.
It’s a very warm colour that’s why it’s possible for blond and darker hair.
It’s also a really good match with browns.

Brown, really the colour for this fall, it gives such a natural vibe, which I love.
It could be a camel coat, brown jumper, boots. I really think this colour can be worn every year during the autumn and winter months.

The fluffy / teddy coat is really a thing this year.
To be honest yesterday evening I ordered a pink fluffy one. They just look so comfy and perfect for the colder months. Last year November I bought one in Paris, but hé, you can never have enough coats right?


Let’s talk about this nice pattern you see everywhere. It’s seen for coats, scarfs, pants, dresses. Everything is possible. It’s a very classy and sophisticated pattern.
On the streets and in the shops you see it everywhere, in colour, black and white, brown and grey.


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